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Stories we know

with Marlon de Souza

Looking forward to connecting with you soon!

Stories we've lived,

Stories we've heard

Your stories, My stories

Our stories

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Listen to the launch podcast and why stories matter

When we hear each other's stories, we connect to a community of experience,

of characters and of intermingled lives

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About Marlon de Souza

Because all our stories matter

Marlon de Souza had a long Corporate Communications career on Wall Street, helping C-level executives look good in front of investors, clients and board members.

Currently, he works with companies and individuals in Europe and the United States, using storytelling techniques to empower his clients to communicate effectively and authentically using their natural voice.


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Beyond the podcast

In addition to the Stories We Know podcast, Marlon de Souza facilitates writing workshops in the US, Europe and India aimed at freeing participants from ideas about how writing should sound, and moving toward writing and speaking in their own authentic voices.

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